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Prism Publications Celebrates 25 years Service of their 2 Prism Stars

I am so happy to share our joy and Happiness, celebrating 25 years of dedicated service to Prism by two of our senior Executives Ms.Swati and Ms.Chetna.  In their honor, we had a Special Function at Crown Hall at Chembur Mumbai. Ms. Swati and Ms. Chetna both joined Prism 25 years back. Their commitment and loyalty was acclaimed with a big applaude amongst the gathering of staff, their spouses and relatives. It was heartening to see their children joining with full pride for their mothers. We are proud to have such people with ‘gen x’, where children over whelmingly applauded their mothers’ career achievements and not just crib about having to put up with a “working mother”.  Lots of games, fun and frolics followed with photo diaries, who’s who and of course accompanied with nostalgia. It was indeed an occasion to recognize   their long practices reaching perfection.  Many accounts of memories were expressed, in that the acknowledgements from their colleagues stating that they too have to Learn a lot from both the Celebrities.

Many a times such Functions do not only  recognize the values & principles, the Management is demonstrating  but also to pass on the facit skills to other member employees which helps build a very efficient work culture.  At Prism, we value this work culture, which also helps us service our subscribers better and better. I invite you - the Subscribers - to join the  Management in congratulating  Ms. Swati and Ms. Chetna  for such a devoted service.


In colleges, university & Institutions including schools, the new academic year started with a bang. The Administration has become very busy with different activities, including admissions, newly launched Courses, Faculties,Time Tables & publications. Among all the activities, the librarian has aspecial attention on the new requirement of the publications through the different Departments.  In addition to renewals of journals and magazines, they have to look after the new launches. The distinct feature of the journals & magazines is that that  they have a frequency and  periodicity. Due to this in the initial months of the Academic year, all librarians are paying attention to the renewals as per due dates, as they have to renew the journals & magazine in advance.Secondly to get the recommendations on pending requirements on hand, the additions to the Library for newly starting the periodicals which are not yet  subscribed. This task needs to be completed with the helpof Library Committee/ Management for approval. We at prism constantly revise the List of Subscriptions classified under different Departments. This list of subscription is given on our website   


CeasedPublications :   

‘Architectural Lighting’  – Published by Hanleywood., USA. 


Highlights :

‘Architecture Time Space & People’  –kept on hold since Mar’18.

‘Green Construction + Design’  and Builders Friend  are merged and renamed as Builders Friend.


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Ajit .D. Nagpurkar

1st August2018

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