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Bright Future for Higher Education in India

There is a high jump in the enrollment in Higher Education as surveyed under All India Survey on Higher Education 2021-22.  The Report was released recently by the Ministry of Higher Education.  Accordingly, there is a record increase of 26.5% reaching almost 8.33 crores in the enrollments in higher education since 2014-15 to 2021-22. 

The total registered number of Universities and University level Institutions is 1168, whereas colleges number is 45,473 and standalone Institutions are 12002.  This is a detailed survey Report. One of the  finding is the enrollments ranked most in Arts, then Science and then Commerce disciplines.

At the Post graduate level, the maximum enrollments have been in Social Sciences and next to that is at Science subjects.  PhD enrollment has been increased by 81%during this period.  The number of faculty is almost 16 lakhs in the country in higher education. Overall there seems to be a bright future for higher education in India. 

Journals & Magazines:

Publishing the journals and magazines on various academic subjects is more research oriented.  To publish them regularly with new articles requires a lot of work depending upon the frequency of the periodical say every month, quarter or twice a year and so on.   The publishers have to plan in advance, collect and curate most up to date material from different authors, faculty and researchers.  It has to be edited, checked from plagiarism angle, peer reviewed and processed for printing, proofreading  and publishing, which is continuous activity.  It is a challenging commitment keeping the consistency in quality material and in timely deliveries; whether it be digital or print issues.

In view of this, the value you get in reading current and up to date research material is of paramount importance for the students, faculty and researchers.  It is essential, accordingly, to take care for the colleges, Universities and Institutions to look after their procurement in time.  There is a need to book the subscription orders in advance. This way it is possible to know the number of copies to be printed.  The subscriptions are a commitment for the next full one year or more.  Accordingly, it is also cost sensitive since in the following months, the costs have to be contained for all the elements by the publishers.  A special budget should be made available, and the Librarians should be given the due approvals in time or rather in advance for this purpose.  This may help them procure and maintain the availability of the periodicals, enriching the libraries.


Newly Added Journals and Magazines:

  • v Career Ahead                                              
  • v Pestology
  • vIndian Journal of Pediatrics                         
  • vImages Retail                                               
  • vProgressive Grocer                                     
  • vImages Business of Fashion 
  • v Cycle Hindi Magazine   
  • v Pluto Magazine 
  • v Chiku Piku (Marathi)                                                   


Ceased publications: Please note the following have ceased Publications: 

vNational Journal of Homeopathy


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Ajit D. Nagpurkar



March 1, 2024

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