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On Dussehra, we also observe Sharadotsav, which is devoted to Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge.


A puja is performed on Dussehra day for Godess Saraswati and a tradition to display books,  pens pencils and musical instruments or art material, any tools that help us add to our skills and pursue any trade.  All such things are displayed, worshipped with the help of flowers, garlands, lighting the lamp and the puja is performed.   We can see even today in the kindle world, the books are being worshipped in the Library spots and homes.   Many of the Libraries performed this puja as shown in one such photograph above.

The books, magazines and journals and such reading materials are the great source of current updates on the subject.  The study of all such material is so useful not only to study the subject, but also to undertake research on particular topic, creating new theories, models for references etc.  All this enriches the students, faculty, researchers and industry.

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Re-opening of Colleges in Maharashtra& Other States

20thOctober 2021 is going to be historical day especially in Maharashtra.  On this day after 19 months the colleges are re-opening the physical classes after the covid 19 impact on the daily life in the world.   The schools also have been opened with restricted attendance and terms, during this month only.

So there are all excitements among all the stakeholders in the schools and colleges all over India.   Students have almost been settled on their journey of online lectures and studies, so are the teachers.   Yet, there is an exceptional excitement among students and teachers to go to schools and colleges physically.  The attraction is to visit the institution after several months and have a chance to see our friends and liven the moments which have been in the memories alone. The library which keeps the silence by way of discipline has a different charm to allow one in focusing on certain topics.  That silence speaks so much and can be founding that physical library, though some do read or study even online.  Someone wants to feel the coolness of the garden and others want to experience that noise before the classes start altogether and then the silence. 


Prism is happy to have added many new e learnings and tools in the scope of their supply.  Prism has enlarged list of ebooks, video libraries with new skills teaching, digital libraries.  In addition, Timely Management which is the parent company of Prism, has joined hands as Channel Partner with uLektz, the company which has developed many tools and solutions for the academic world right from virtual classrooms to conducting tests, e libraries and even the entire Campus Package.


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