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Journals and Magazines

The journals and magazines are published periodically every monthly or quarterly, weekly or fortnightly or so on.  Thus, they are published a number of times in a year, years after years.   On particular subject this periodical continuously publishes the issues on different topics.  There are papers and research studies on different topics in the journals. Sometimes some magazines have a cover story and other articles, whereas some journals have all different research papers.  Some special issues are published every once in a while.  For example, the architectural magazines have a special issue on ‘Houses’ every year.

Due to periodical publishing, the journal and magazines have a chance to publish concurrent and most up-to-date topics.  They contain news, views, analysis, study and research on different topics from time to time.  This is unlike book publishing.  Hence there are various themes taken, different topics and various authors contribute.  There is a continuous job of organising,curating, getting particular authors write on certain topics and such editorial team work for the journals and magazines. 


The magazines have program of taking up various topics throughout the year.  The journals are having certain format for papers and research studies with abstract, introduction, structuring, conclusions, references and bibliography, including certain guidelines for the authors.  They are peer reviewed too. 


So it is a task to run the journals and magazines as there is a continuous activity, interaction, production and supervision work. Similarly these periodicals have to be published and printed or digitized in time for delivery from time to time.  Thus, you can refer to their contents as most current, vivid and up to date data and views with authenticity.  There is a different type of commitment for such a quality publication every now and then. Let us enjoy and make use of these journals and magazines in the library with these points in mind and take advantage of their contents amongst what we are studying and referring in our research.


Attention: Librarians

The time has come again for consolidating the library resources.  We need to take time out in knowing new publications print, digital and online.  We at www.journals-magazines.comcontinuously update the different periodicals. In our newsletters we also give the new publications launched or newly available, merged or ceased publications for your information.  We are sure this section will be useful to you.   You can accordingly consolidate your requirement from the Faculty, Principal and from research students, so that you can start planning your procurements and booking the subscriptions through us.  You are most welcome to contact us for any questions.


New additions:

v Urban Update

v Journal of Housing & Advancement in Interior Designing

v Wood news

v Journal - Comprehensive Advanced Specific Summarized Studies
    (For Architecture - Cass Studies)

v Revised Category wise List of all Journals / Magazines on Website

v Promotions for new online e-library i.e. Bloomsbury Architecture
    Library Online

v Ulektz Connect – e-books
vMonograph Series – Landscape Architecture Four new books



Ceased publications: Please note the following have ceased Publications:

vBetter Interior
vDesign Detail
vDomus  India
vInside outside
vBetter Photography
vIdeal Home & Garden
vPR Communication Age
vKitchen Ideas


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You can subscribe free to Prism Newsletters which you will receive in your Inbox. You need to register for the newsletter by visiting www.journals-magazines.comor send your request to is our Forty Second Newsletter and you can see the archives of earlier Newsletters on the website.

Your Feedback:

Please send us your feedback to our Newsletters and let us have your opinion on how it is useful to you, in important updates.  Please let us know also what else you would like us to include in these Newsletters specially meant for you.

Ajit D. Nagpurkar



2nd May 2022

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